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Gait Velocity: The 6th Vital Sign

Click here to access a How-To video of the Gait Velocity Test

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Day 2 Home Care Compliance Conference

Here is a snippet of Cindy Krafft on day 2 of Home Care Compliance Conference in Biloxi, MShttp://youtu.be/mSH9a_0qJgY

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Cindy Krafft Comments re: Stars Ratings on HH Compare

These were Cindy Krafft's comments to Star Rating on HH Compare after she participated in a live phone discussion with CMS:Thank you for taking my call as a participant in the discussion held on February 5. At that time you asked me to submit my thoughts in writing via this website and I am doing [...]

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The Metamorphosis of “Plateau”

The mere mention of the word “plateau” in a group of therapists can be viewed as the equivalent of uttering a swear word in a church. For many years, this term has been connected to the need to end therapy services and fostered the idea of a “three strikes and you are out” philosophy. Debates [...]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  And with that comes the deadline for commenting on the proposed changes to the current conditions of participation(CoPs) for home health (on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 at 5:00PMEST).  As I ring in the New Year, I always look to start with a clean, updated, upgraded (!) and enhanced slate as a therapist . [...]

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Therapy Goals and Denials - FREE Podcast

Check out the free podcast we did on Therapy Goals and DenialsClick Here to access

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Reassessments in 2015

On the heels of Thanksgiving and into the Christmas season, I want to stop for a moment and share something I am grateful for – the end of the mandatory 13/19 therapy functional reassessments! I have noticed a steady stream of questions trying to clarify EXACTLY how the transition will work on January 1, 2015. [...]

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Update to 2015 Final Rule for PPS

Follow this link for info and update on the 2015 Final Rule.

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Notes from NAHC 2014 - Kornetti & Krafft booth

We had the opportunity to meet many of you in Phoenix and we are thankful that you took the time to stop by our booth and share your issues.  We are very encouraged by the level of commitment to the provision of Home based care in the most appropriate and defensible manner. When asked about your [...]

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Balancing Frequency and the Functional Reassessment

Since periodic functional reassessments became mandatory for home health therapists in 2011, attaining and sustaining compliance has been a priority. CMS has made it clear that NO additional visits were to be provided to the patient if they were only to complete a reassessment in a required timeframe. With the current requirements around 13 visits, [...]

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