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November Newsletter 1st edition

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Documenting Homebound

Documenting Homebound   Reading regulations is NOT considered a favorite hobby of many people who work in home health BUT it is critical to read source documents as opposed to relying solely on interpretations. Kornetti & Krafft Health Care Solutions is committed to providing accurate and timely information to the industry so please take a few minutes [...]

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Dee @ NAHC Annual Conference - Contract Therapy

See Dee in action at NAHC -  What is your relationship with your contract company??

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How Accurate is Your Therapy Visit Data?

How Accurate is Your Therapy Visit Data?   Since PPS began, there have been many charts, graphs and reports that dissect the numbers of therapy visits being provided in home health. This data has been used to illustrate changes in practice patterns that appear to be influenced more by payment than patients.   Quick Review: Pre PPS data put the [...]

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There IS an ā€œIā€ in Team ā€“ Interdisciplinary

I have met many home health clinicians in my travels over the last 7 years and there is a consistent level of frustration seen regardless of the size or location of the agency – the feeling of being overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility, regulation and documentation that seem to stand in the way of [...]

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Pre & Post Payment Audit Update

  Pre & Post Payment Audit Update:   Our clients continue to be face with various pre and post payment claims audits. ADR’s from the MAC’s can be related to special face to face initiatives, probe edit audits, HIPPS code specific or can even be beneficiary specific. ZPIC, RAC & Cert audits continue to be an issue for [...]

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TUG Mobility Testing

TUG Mobility Test - Clinician Education Video

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Documentation Expectations

Documentation Expectations What am I Supposed to Document? Once the process of counting is mastered, the issue of documentation expectations remains. There is a terminology challenge that cannot be overlooked. We are required to complete “reassessments” not “re-evaluations.” There is a very real and significant difference between the two. Re-evaluations focus on collecting information on the [...]

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13th and 19th Visit - Decoding the Reassessment

13th and 19th Therapy Visit The big difference between tracking the number of therapy visits and monitoring the 30 day issue is what is being counted. “Minimally” every 30 days looks at the calendar while the 13th and 19th visits require literal sequential counting of all therapy visits combined. The counting of visits is specific to [...]

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CMS Imposes Moratoriums on New HHA's

CMS Imposes Moratoriums on New HHA's   The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid   Services (CMS) announced that it will impose moratoriums on enrollment of new   home health agencies in the Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP Programs on July 30,   2012, in certain counties in the Miami and Chicago areas.  The counties   include Broward and [...]

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